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Use ultrasone HFI-580, which is easy to monitor on-site in high-quality sound and moderate bass range, in the head unit. With the arm carved from aluminum, you can use it for a long time without worrying about weak materials or resin cracking also it will not fall out of the grip. In combination with flexible grip, monitoring becomes possible in a more natural posture, and strain to the neck is dramatically reduced. This makes playing for an extended time less difficult. By using carefully selected materials and weight saving, the main body has been limited to 180g (cables and plugs after grip are not included).

Head Unit:Ultrasone HFI-580

Format: Sealed dynamic
Playback frequency band:10 ~ 22,000 Hz
Sensitivity: 101 dB

Arm:   The original arm carved from aluminum

Grip:   Flexible grip

                 Length: S 180mm, M 210mm, L 240mm

                 Color: black, blue. red

Cable:Straight cable

     4Φ 1,800mm

Plug:   Right angle (Switchcraft)

Delivery time

As it is made to order, please wait for about two weeks after we have received the order. If you are in a hurry, please contact us.

Made to order

We will respond to each specification and change requests etc. Please do not use the cart button, please contact us by e-mail (prices are subject to change).

1 year warranty

We will repair free for 1 year from purchase. (Please pay all shipping costs. Damage due to excessive input etc. of units and exchange of expendable items such as ear pads is excluded) * Specifications may change unexpectedly


ss rq3
ss pl
ss up3
ss up1
ss rq
end up

grip color

Main body, options etc, various specification change consultation etc...



the original grip

The grip comes in 8 colors, with an all original design. · The material differs from the standard grip. As the texture moistens, the surface becomes harder.

· Flexibility when bending the grip becomes more rigid than the standard type. By inserting slits etc. as shown in the picture, the flexibility increases.

Please consult us about a custom design.

b side
p side
r side
o side
y side
g side
brisa side

grip color


Housing painting


There will be a 1,000 yen discount when placing an order with a shaped grip. 

We can accept to paint the housing in origin color.

(For example,Same color as grip.)

Initials and marks etc can be engraved on the aluminum arm. Please send us a character font sample or choose from our font samples. If you can provide Adobe Illustrator data, you can also add logos etc. Font Size 7 mm × 7 mm Up to 5 letters


Laser marker

laser maker
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