Use your own headphones / full order

Standerd grip

grip color

We can convert your headphones if you send them in. Depending on the shape, there are things that are difficult to produce. Please contact us first.

Head unit:Use your own headphones

Arm:   the original arm carved from aluminum

Grip:   flexible grip

                 Length: S 180mm, M 210mm, L 240mm

                 We will adapt to the length your request. 

                 color: black, blue. red

Cable:straight cable

     4Φ 1,800mm

     curl cord(plus1,000yen)

Plug:right angle (switchcraft)

Delivery time:

This will take about a month because of order production.

price from 14,000yen

Shaping the grip

grip only2
p side
r side
o side
y side
g side

grip color

Full original model made by shaping the grip. Custom Design, Length etc. 

The grip comes in 7 colors, with an all original design. · The material differs from the standard grip. As the texture moistens, the surface becomes harder.

· Flexibility when bending the grip becomes more rigid than the standard type. By inserting slits etc. as shown in the picture, the flexibility increases.

Please consult us about a custom design.


​Head unit:Use your own headphones

Arm:    the original arm carved from aluminum

Grip:    flexible grip

                  Length: S 180mm, M 210mm, L 240mm

                  We will adapt to the length your  request.                    color: black, blue. red

Cable: straight cable

      4Φ 1,800mm

      curl cord (plus1,000yen)

Plug:    right angle (switchcraft)

Delivery time:

Because the shape will also change depending on the head unit, it will take about one month for production

price from 18,000yen

Full order made

If you wish to create a completely original model with your own desired headphone design, please contact us first.

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