solid9 is...

                                Easy to use. Individual. Long lasting.

・We use original arm carved from aluminum.Certain strength and weight reduction.

・Made to order one and only things ...

・Produced on the premise of disassembly and the exchanging and or             repair of each part.


Toshiyuki Goto, Karizma, Brisa and many other top DJs use them.


Easy to monitor

With its unique arm, the head unit of Solid9 engages the ears more naturally, making it possible to monitor sound without tilting the neck a lot.

aluminum arm

plastic arm(carry over)


flexible grip

A Flexible grip makes it possible to create a grip shape that suits each person. Solid feel when maintaining a custom shape, so that you can grip it with confidence. If you do not bend it, you can also use it as a standard straight stick.

With a combination of the aluminum arm and grip shape, you can monitor with more a natural posture.


* Repeated bending and stretching many times in the same place can cause breakage.



​Zip 463-0065

18-20 NIjikkenya Moriyama Nagoya  Aichi Japan

Tel/fax: 81-52-737-7656

Shota Shigeta


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​Zip 463-0065

18-20 NIjikkenya Moriyama Nagoya  Aichi Japan 

Tel/fax: 81-52-737-7656